Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Skirt + Romper = Skromper

Like the flirtiness of a skirt but the comfort that a romper provides? With the recent romper craze, designers have been looking for new ways to update the piece. Thus the skromper was born! Not sure if that's what you call it but I decided to combine the two words together (though I'm sure someone has already come up with this word already). Like I have mentioned in an earlier post, I don't find skirts to be flattering on me. However I do love the look and feel of a dress, so the skromper is a great piece that combines different styles together. Being short, many times it's hard to find dresses that cut off at a flattering length. Either they are too long (past the knee) or are dangerously short (tunics). But with the skromper, even though it may look like a short dress, you never have to worry about the skirt flying upwards with the safety that the hidden shorts provide! So try something a little different and discover if the skromper is something that you'd like in your closet too!

Skromper Options:

Skirted Floral Romper $22.80 (Forever 21)

Rose Print Romper $17.80 (Forever 21)

Ruffled Island Romper $22.90 (Forever 21)

Pins and Needles Halter Skirted Romper $54.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Material Girl Floral Printed A-Line Skort $21.99 (Macy's)

The skromper in my closet!

Princess Floral Tube Romper with Skirt $27.99 (Papaya Clothing)

To be honest it did take a little wiggle dance to get into this skromper. It doesn't have a zipper so you just have to step into it. It didn't help that the magnetic security sensor piece was attached right at the narrowest part of the garment. But it was so cute hanging in the store I couldn't say no! Plus once it was on it was super comfortable!

The shorts hidden under the skirt!

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  1. I'm a much bigger fan of the scromper then the romper!