Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black and Blue

I came across this outfit on Jessica Szohr and thought it was such a cute look! It is made up of such simple pieces with the plain black tube dress, denim vest, and black patent pumps. Yet when combined they create a look that is both unexpected and polished at the same time. Like the look too? I've created a similar look that you can try! I wanted to experiment with templates but wasn't sure if everything else surrounding the pieces in the similar look were distracting or not. Let me know if you like it or prefer the old look sets better!

Here's how to create a similar look:


Dress: Cotton Spandex Jersey Tube Dress $29.00 (American Apparel)
Vest: Plaited Denim Waistcoat $29.00 (Select Fashion)
Shoes: Classic Patent Heels $19.80 (Forever 21)
Earrings: Daytrip Glitz Feather Earrings $6.00 (Buckle)

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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