Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Had a clothing swap with some friends this afternoon and picked up a top as well as some much needed space in my closet! I had so much fun sorting through all my clothes and trying things on, deciding whether or not they had made the cut to stay or if they had been voted out. Though I was able to clear some pieces out, I wish I was more willing to give up pieces I know deep down I won't wear but I tend to be a hoarder! Anyways, if you are looking for a fun activity that will help clear out your closet (while picking up a new piece or two from a friend), try planning a clothing swap with some close friends this summer! Break out some bubbly or another fun drink and toast to summer, friends, and fashion! Have fun!

Bags of clothing for the swap!

We decided to go through our pieces one by one, seeing if anyone in the group was interested in trying them on. If no one wanted a piece, we put them into bags to donate! Our system worked pretty well for us and prevented any arguments over clothing! Experiment with different ways of having your own clothing swap and let me know how it goes!

This is the shirt I swapped for!
Shirt: Charlotte Russe

Dress: Sweet Dream

So I didn't actually swap for this dress but my roommate gave it to me after she decided that she didn't love it as much anymore, and she found that she had so many other things to pack and store for the summer! I thought I'd share it since it goes along with the used clothing theme of this post!

I love the little bow at the waist! It's definitely my favorite part of the dress! It's a little short though and I think it was originally supposed to be a tunic but luckily I'm on the short side so it's just long enough!

Dress: Forever 21

Here's the other dress she gave me! Love the color, and the bubble hem at the bottom is so adorable. I actually wore this the other day and added a white cardigan and a black belt at the waist to help add some definition! Thanks again G-roomie! I love them both. I'll have to keep my eyes open for pieces that I think you might like from my closet to repay you!

If you are interested in swapping your clothes for money, or are just looking for great places to browse for gently used clothing, I've listed a few places that I am personally a fan of and think you might like too! A few of these are found just in the greater Seattle area, but definitely turn to google to find great used clothing stores in your neighborhood!

This place has great gently used brand name clothing and also pays you cash for clothing you bring into the store! I didn't end up picking up anything the last time I went, but there were definitely some pieces that caught my eye. I think I was having a lazy day where I didn't feel like trying things on! Everyone has those types of days I suppose.

You can find some great vintage pieces here and like Plato's, they also pay you cash on the spot for your gently used clothing. What makes this place cool is that they also do trades for pieces. So if you find a cute piece amongst the racks of clothing, you can trade whatever you brought in initially for cash for the cute piece instead! Be patient at this store though. It can get crowded but be persistent!

Absolutely love this place! Ragamoffyn's located in Kirkland, WA sells gently used designer brands! Went in a few months ago and spotted a cute pair of Christian Louboutin heels! I've also spotted Dior and Chanel sunglasses and Louis Vuitton handbags. My mom purchased a cute Fendi bag for a rather reasonable price! Though all the pieces in the store are used, do expect to see higher prices. But compared to their original prices, I'd say there are some good steals here.

I haven't been to this store yet but definitely want to go sometime soon! My Sister's Closet sells designer and brand name used clothing and has several different locations across America. I'll tell you more about it once I actually go there and keep you posted!

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