Monday, December 31, 2012

Tip Top

I've had 365 days to try new products, experiment with new trends, and to explore all of the exciting gems that the fashion world has offered us this year! Of course it wasn't always easy. I've made my share of questionable fashion choices over the past twelve months and spent money on products that left more to be desired, but overall, I think that 2012 has been a pretty good year! Trudging past the duds, I've compiled my top ten picks of the year for fashion and beauty products that truly deserved to be recognized! What were your top picks of the year?

To all my readers, have a Happy New Year! I hope 2013 holds good times, good health, and good memories! I'll see you all again in the new year!

TRTD's Top Ten of 2012

Untitled #152

1.) Wedges: Being on the short side, I can appreciate a good wedge! The best of both worlds, wedges provide the height I desire, with the added stability of a wedge that heels don't. Sometimes it's frustrating to find wedges that actually fit my tiny feet, but I've found that Payless Shoe Source usually have the most comfortable wedges and heels, with the added bonus of great prices!

2.) Butter London Nail Lacquer: I love the sparkle that Butter London nail polishes provide! Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors, they also last, which is nice for the majority of us who don't want to reapply polish every other day.

3.) Shellac Rockstar Manicures: This pick has been my most recent! I love the major sparkle that this manicure delivers, and best of all is that the manicure stays chip proof for close to two whole weeks! Now this is my kind of manicure!

4.) Chain Strap Bags: There's just something about chain strap bags that exude sophistication to me. This is definitely a classic piece that I can see transending the ever changing trends of the fashion world.

5.) Tory Burch: I've been a fan of Tory Burch sandals for a while now, but I've explored her other adorable shoe options just this year. Her Reva flats are so cute and I love her simple and classic handbags that can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style the rest of your outfit!

6.) Clarisonic Skin Products: Another recent pick, I've had my eye on the Clarisonic brush for a while. This skin cleaning brush has been tempting me with all of their advertisements in my favorite fashion magazines. I was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing brush for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! 

7.) Embellished Sheer Tops: Not only are these tops pretty to look at, but they are so comfortable as well! I've been particularly fond of the ones with embellished collars! To compensate for the flowy-ness of the top, try pairing it with a pair of nice skinny jeans to keep the top from overwhelming your frame!

8.) Delicate Rings: Like I've mentioned in a past post, I like to find my rings off of Esty, which provide adjustable rings. I love the small details of delicate jewelry, and they are perfect for stacking!

9.) Black Jeans: What I love most about black jeans, is that they provide the look of leggings, but provide the coverage of jeans. Plus they keep me warmer than leggings in the winter!

10.) Ankle Zip Jeans: These jeans are great for dressing up! Plus they add a touch of sparkle. Make sure to wear your favorite pair of shoes with this trend, for the zipper acts like an arrow pointing straight to your pretty footwear!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Till the Very End

The countdown has finally begun! It's time once again to break out the champagne and round up all of your loved ones to celebrate the end of 2012, and the arrival of 2013. I know I say this every year, but 2012 has really flown by. Sometimes I feel like I've stepped into a time warp where each year starts and ends faster than the year before it. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. I sense a New Year's resolution in the making!

The one thing I love about New Year's, is the fact that you can look like a big sparkly disco ball for the night, and no one will think that you've gone mad. Of all the days in the year, this is the night to bust out all the glitter and sequins that you have in your closet. Whether you want to go all out with an eye-catching dress, or go more subtle with a sparkly manicure, there's an option for everyone. I put together a few looks that I thought would help get you noticed, whether it be on the dance floor or in the living room of your Aunt's house for the annual family reunion. Celebrate, and have fun putting together that perfect end of the year look!

New Year's Inspired Outfits 

New Years

Who says a "matchy-matchy" outfit can't be fun? Show off a sophisticated party look that is both polished and put-together. If you find yourself being drawn to sparkly pieces, make sure to pick and choose your accessories wisely.  Go easy on the jewelry if you already have sparkle in your dress. Switch out necklaces and bracelets for a simple pair of earrings or cocktail ring instead. A few glittery pieces paired together can look pretty, but one too many can lead to a sequin catastrophe!

Dress: Little Mistress Lizzie One Shoulder Dress $47.00 (Bank Fashion)
Clutch: Glitter Hard Case Clutch $32.00 (Oasis)
Shoes: Gold Sparkle Sequin Heels $26.00 (Designer Wear)
Earrings: Pearl Button Earrings $35.00 (Banana Republic)

Dress: Ribbon Luxe Sequin Babydoll Dress $31.00 (Bank Fashion)
Clutch: Rectangle Frame Clutch $24.00 (Oasis)
Shoes: Rosander Heels $24.99 (Aldo)

Untitled #150

Have plans for a family reunion? Look for an outfit that's comfortable yet trendy with festive colors! Keep the fitted dresses and low cut tops at home this year. Want to show some leg? Keep the top half covered up, or vice-versa if you want to show off your arms! Not only will you feel confident in a fashionable outfit, but you'll also keep your grandma happy with a hint of modesty.

Top: Cameo Rose Stud Shoulder Shirt $ 27.00 (New Look)
Leggings: Oasis Basic Leggings $23.00 (House of Fraser) 
Shoes: Mossimo Supply Kieran Boots $34.99 (Target)
Earrings: Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings $8.90 (Windsor)

Top: White Scoop Singlet $19.95 (General Pants)
Cardigan: Cable Cardigan $48.00 (Oasis)
Skirt: Taylor Wine Belted Jersey Skater Skirt $19.00 (She Likes)
Shoes: Sonoma Life Flats $21.99 (Kohl's)
Rings: Gold Bow Crystal Stacking Rings $26.00 (Talullah)
Necklace: Feather Pendant Necklace $38.00 (Free People)

Top: Blouse $40.00 (H&M)
Jeans: Cleavo 5 Pocket Twill $39.00 (Vila)
Shoes: Bella Beige Suedette High Platform Wedges $30.00 (Boohoo)
Necklace: Sassy Spike Statement Necklace $16.99 (Forever New)

Untitled #149

One blazer + black leggings = unlimited outfit options! The great thing about basics is that they can be combined with a wide variety of different tops and accessories to create new outfits! Sparkle on New Year's Eve with a bright sequined top under a simple black blazer! These looks would also look great with shorts and leggings, or even a banded skirt. The options are endless. Experiment to see what works best for you!

Blazer: Neon Nights Blazer $70.00 (Bardot)
Leggings: Oasis Basic Leggings $23.00 (House of Fraser)

Top: Oasis Sequin Lace Peplum Top Dark Purple $24.00 (House of Fraser)
Top: Black Peplum Sequin Top $24.00 (Fashion Union)
Top:Michayla Gold Sequin Peplum Top $48.00 (She Likes)
Top: Blue Sequin Bralet Top $24.00 (Fashion Union)

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Race Against Time

I know this post probably won't be nearly as effective considering the holidays are just days away, but I figured there are always a handful of last minute shoppers who might appreciate a quick and easy gift guide to help them when fighting the crowds at the mall. Being terrified of large crowds, I made sure to get most of my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. I just know that if I were to head down to the shopping center days before Christmas, I probably wouldn't make it out alive in one piece. Those shoppers are something fierce! But if you can brave the jungle, I've complied a few last minute gifts that I'm sure will delight any fashionista on your holiday list! Best of all? They are all under $15. So whether you are shopping for a Secret Santa gift, a present for your cousin, or a stocking stuffer, you can feel good about giving a great gift at a great price! I wish you luck over these next few days as you navigate through the chaos of holiday shopping and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Untitled #147

Top Picks

Cosmetics: If you are looking for some affordable cosmetics of great quality, make sure to check out gift sets from these brands. 

1.) e.l.f. Cosmetics: This brand has some great eyeshadow sets as well as nail polish sets. Keep an eye out for the limited edition nail polish cube that is only $10 for fourteen polishes. 

2.) Nicole by O.P.I.: The more affordable collection from O.P.I., these polishes come in sets of two complementary colors to please the polish fiend on your list. I know Target has a nice selection, and are currently featuring the Kardashian Kolor Sets for $10. 

3.) NYX Cosmetics: If you are searching for a great starter eyeshadow palette, NYX has some great options. Their $25.00 palette contains six large eyeshadow pots, sixty eight additional mini pots, four face powders, and eight applicator sponges.

Jewelry: Pretty jewelry is always a great gift to receive, and can be both affordable and personal at the same time. Another low cost gift for the accessory lover could be a ceramic jewelry dish. For the DIY diva, you can take an old peg board, attach some cute door knobs to it, and create your very own jewelry holder.

1.) Forever 21: Sometimes it can be overwhelming to sift through all the options piled together at this affordable chain, but if you are patient, there are a lot of cute pieces hidden amongst the chaos. Starting from as low as $1.50, you can afford to buy multiple pieces, rather than just one higher end piece. 

2.) Etsy: If you are looking for a more personalized piece for that special someone in your life, try out this creative online store! There is literally something for everyone here. I love purchasing rings from Etsy because they have adjustable rings that can compensate for my ridiculously small fingers! Take a look around! They have some pretty awesome things like this for example for the fangirl on your list :)! 

3.) Fuego: I haven't been in this store in a while, but from what I remember, they had a lot of really cute jewelry. They definitely had a lot of affordable pieces, but also some higher end pieces as well in glass cases that were a little more unique. So this might be a great place to stop in, whatever your price range might be.

Miscellaneous Accessories: From winter accessories to compacts, check out these places to find some fun and unique gifts!

1.) Modcloth: Many items here can be pricey, but there are a lot of unique items here that might be great gifts for closer family and friends. Definitely check out the sale items at this fun online boutique for some great deals! I'm a fan of their kitchen and home items. 

2.) Charlotte Russe: Much like Forever 21, this chain sells trendy pieces for great prices. Check out this store for some fun winter accessories such as scarfs and gloves to keep your loved ones warm! They also sell jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, and clothing items, so they'll have everything you need.

3.) Tilly's: This chain has a great selection of patterned tights and leggings at great prices! Great for the dress lover during the cold winter months, surprise a friend with this functional gift!

Inspired? Look for these items here:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fancy Fingers

If you've been keeping up with the latest nail art trends, you're probably familiar with the fabulous caviar manicure! For those of us who are new to the nail art scene, you are probably imagining some fancy fish eggs resting on top of a perfectly polished nail. Gross right? Thankfully, the caviar manicure consists of just some really pretty microbeads that look like the fishy treats. A new take on 3D nail art, the caviar manicure has made a comeback for the holiday season. This trend first gained popularity in the spring, and dwindled out during the summer months. Perfect for a holiday party, this nail trend can act as a great accessory! The only downfall is that it doesn't seem to have much staying power. Holding strong for only about a day or two, the caviar manicure is definitely not meant for everyday use. I picked up the Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar kit from Sephora, so if you are looking for a fun gift for the beauty obsessed friend on your holiday list, you might want to stop in and snatch up a kit before they run out! For the crafty fashionista, you can just head to your neighborhood craft store and pick up microbeads in different colors for a fraction of the cost. I recommend Martha Stewart microbeads because you get lots of bright colors while also getting a great value. A great DIY project, this is one trend that doesn't have to cost you a fortune! If you haven't already given this trend a try, I would definitely recommend it!

 Caviar Manicure Trend

Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar Kit $29.00 (Sephora)

It comes in a cute little box! Perfect for gifting!

You get four base nail colors!

The kit also comes with four different varieties of colored glass microbeads that correspond with the base coats

Caviar Manicure Instructions:

1.) First apply a base coat of nail polish (any color) and let it dry completely
2.) Doing one nail at a time, apply a second coat and sprinkle on some beads over the wet nail 
3.) The beads are attracted to the polish, so they stick really well
4.) Gently pat the beads into the polish for extra staying power
5.) Let your nails dry for fifteen to twenty minutes
6.) Using a topcoat of your choice, apply one coat only on the tips (like a french manicure) 
7.) Enjoy!

Sprinkling on some beads

The kit even comes with a mini funnel to put the unused beads back into the pots

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wicked Beauty

We are officially less than a week away from the spookiest day of the year! Hopefully you've found your perfect costumes by now, but if you're running a little behind, I've come up with a few more options! I previously posted some Disney princess inspired costume ideas, which you can find here if you haven't had a chance to check them out yet. If you are looking to stay away from the sweet and sparkly this Halloween, today's post is perfect for you. Inspired by some of my favorite Disney villains, I've put together some outfits that will be sure to get you a few screams! Again, I tried to put together looks that can work for the other days of the year as well. With a quick switch of accessories, you can take these outfits from downright scary to polished princess perfection! Good luck with the costume search, and have a Happy Halloween!

Disney Villains Themed Costumes/Outfits

Untitled #142

Top: Velvet Bustier $30.00 (General Pants)
Skirt: Innocence Black Pleated Maxi Skirt $24.00 (New Look)
Cardigan: Cream Fluffy Cardigan $48.00 (River Island)
Shoes: Lipstick Red Pointed Toe Pump $16.99 (My Hot Shoes)
Bag: Leopard Print Cross Body Bag $35.00 (Wallis)
Earrings: Turquoise Stud Earrings $12.00 (Etsy)

Untitled #143

Captain Hook
Top: Silky Tie Neck Blouse $50.00 (French Connection)
Jacket: Basic Blazer $48.00 (H&M)
Shorts: Karen Millen Colorful Denim Shorts $19.95 (Karen Millen)
Shoes: Larissa Peep Toe Platform Heels $24.00 (Style Me TV)
Ring: Dagger Knife Double Ring $9.90 (Amazon)
Headband: Felt Feather Headband $8.99 (Gap)

Mr. Smee
Top: Striped Lace Racerback Tank $2.00 (Wet Seal)
Skirt: St. Stephen's Green Textured Skirt $35.99 (Ruche)
Shoes: Larhonda Wedges $55.99 (Aldo)
Necklace: Miso Bling Glasses Pendant $6.40 (Republic)
Bow: Red Hair Bow $5.00 (Etsy)

Untitled #144

Top: Peplum Fishtail Top $50.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Jacket: Ichi Blazer Soga $65.00 (We Like Fashion)
Leggings: Gunmetal Zip Leggings $31.00 (Witchery)
Shoes: Off White Slingback Wedge Sandals $40.00 (Debenhams)
Necklace: New Predator Necklace $12.00 (Threadsence)
Ring: Beatrice Top Hat Skull Ring $20.00 (Boohoo)

Untitled #145

Dress: Strapless Color Block Stretch Taffeta Tube Dress $69.99 (Pacific Plex)
Shoes: Sparkle an Interest Heels $39.99 (Modcloth)
Clutch: I Heart Mesh Clutch $41.00 (The Iconic)
Necklace: Carriera Necklace $20.00 (Aubin & Wills)
Bracelet: Candie's Gold Toned Bracelet $16.00 (Kohl's)

Untitled #146

Body Suit: The Perfect Body Suit $37.50 (Isabella Oliver)
Skirt: Ribbed Peplum Mini Skirt $45.00 (Topshop)
Shoes: Michael Antonio's Pink Love Me Suede $49.99 (Heels)
Earrings: Gold Look Fat Cat Studs $5.20 (Dorothy Perkins)
Ring: DJ by Dominic Jones Gold Plated Enamel Claw Ring $89.38 (My Wardrobe)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Pop of 'Collar'

Embrace the sparkle in this fun fall trend! This season, it's all about embellished collars. From spiky studs to glittery gems, pretty accents are injecting some much needed glam appeal into your boring old button ups. If you tend to have trouble picking out just the right accessories to complement your outfits, this trend is perfect for you. The statement collar acts as an accessory which helps to do the hard work for you. Great for highlighting your face, having so much sparkle up top will definitely help you make a statement.

These versatile collars can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Paired with some dark wash skinny jeans, this trend works perfectly for a sophisticated yet casual look for class. Combined with a banded skirt and some heels, you have yourself a festive outfit for an upcoming holiday party. So the next time your getting ready to head out the door, skip the jewelry and slip on an embellished collared shirt instead!

Celebrities Wearing Embellished Collars

Alexa Chung

Hailee Steinfeld

Outfit Ideas

Untitled #139

Top: Neutral Embellished Collar Top $40.00 (Warehouse)
Skirt: Crinkle Textured Skater Skirt $50.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Shoes: Fergalicious Bratty Oxford Bootie $49.95 (DSW)
Bag: Beige Pyramid Studded Satchel $35.90 (Windsor)
Bracelet: Gold Wave Bangle $24.00 (Bauble Bar)

Untitled #141

Top: Sonia Rykiel Jewel Collar Blouse $348.54 (Farfetch)
Leggings: Jersey Leggings $22.00 (Oasis)
Shoes: Sole Society Chandra Pump $49.95 (Nordstrom)
Bag: Twist Lock Satchel Bag $37.00 (Debenhams)
Earrings: Rose Gold Heart Studs $35.00 (Bauble Bar)

Untitled #140

Top: Shirt with Embellished Collar $24.99 (Ally Fashion)
Shorts: Miso Plain Skort $16.00 (Republic)
Shoes: Lulu Townsend Ilene Glitter Pump $49.95 (DSW)
Bag: Urban Expressions Manhattan Clutch $29.95 (DSW)
Ring: Miso Deco Cocktail Ring $10.00 (Republic)

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

It's that perfectly spooky time of year once again! Leaves are losing their summer luster as they scatter tempting piles across the ground, waiting to be crunched under your favorite pair of worn in boots. The perfect weather for cozy scarves, scrumptious lattes, and darker shades of nail polish, fall has made its grand entrance and we've definitely taken notice!

October has sneaked up behind us like spine-tingling ghosts in the graveyard, as stores have embraced the Halloween spirit! Oddly shaped pumpkins with that absolutely perfect shade of orange have settled comfortably outside of neighborhood grocery stores, waiting to be de-gooped and sawed into frightening jack-o-lanterns. Shelves are stacked to the max with yummy candy bars, and my personal favorite, caramel apple pops! Less than two weeks separate us from the fall fiesta we call Halloween. Soon the streets will be filled with ghouls, miniature political candidates, and adorable princesses as they clutch their trusty flashlights, on the prowl for some delectable treats.

Have you found that perfectly creative costume that is 'oh-so-you' yet? If you happen to be one of those rare gems that find costumes under pressure nights before the thirty-first, lucky you. But for those of us who actually need time to make such an important decision, I decided to help you out with some costume ideas! Being on a bit of a Disney kick lately, I decided to surround my costume ideas on some of our favorite Disney princesses! Be the 'Belle' of the ball with one of these easy ideas! Not wanting to spend moolah on a costume you'll only wear once? No problem! Incorporating some classic accessories into the looks, I've attempted to create outfits that can work double duty as costumes for Halloween, and looks for non-holiday themed occasions. Who wouldn't want to look like a princess everyday of the year?

Disney Princess Themed Costumes/Outfits

Snow White

Top: Cropped Button-Down Blouse $11.00 (Charlotte Russe)
Skirt: Rhymes Mini Bubble Skirt $178.20 (Alice & Olivia)
Shoes: Bamboo Sami-22 Flat $26.95 (DSW)
Bag: Poppie Jones Velvet Bow Wristlet $19.95 (DSW)
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane Perspex Apple Pendant $38.70 (Asos)

Untitled #135

Top: Aqua Side Strap Bra Top $12.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Skirt: Cleo Rib Jersey Body Con $49.99 (Forever New)
Shoes: Gold Square Cut Pumps $44.00 (Wallis)
Necklace: Gold Hammered Effect Torq Necklace $21.00 (Wallis)
Earrings: INC Gold Tone Wide Hoop Earrings $19.50 (Macy's)

Untitled #136

Top: Ralph Lauren Pale Seafoam Georgette Daphne Top $798.00 (Stylebop)
Vest: Vintage Go Vest Young Woman $24.99 (Modcloth)
Skirt: Apricot Woolen Pleated Skirt $42.00 (Indressme)
Shoes: Bow Jersey Ballet Flat $7.25 (Wet Seal)
Bracelet: Sterling Silver Catch Bangle Bracelet $39.00 (Amazon)

Untitled #137

Top: Studded Ponte Knit Bustier $17.80 (Forever 21)
Skirt: Candy Color Maxi Skirt $42.00 (Style By Marina)
Shoes: Michael Kors Palm Beach Espadrille $49.99 (Piperlime)
Bag: Stone Studded Fold Over Clutch $26.00 (New Look)
Necklace: Sterling Silver Fish Pendant $38.00 (Kohl's)

Untitled #138

Top: Calypso St. Barth Amata Cotton Tunic $99.00 (Calypso St. Barth)
Bustier: Floral Flock Bustier Corset $64.00 (Topshop)
Skirt: Mocha Mini Skate with Belt $16.00 (Fashion Union)
Shoes: Blowfish Central Ballet Flat Pewter Patent $25.00 (Jildor)
Headband: Twinkle for Yourself Headband $14.99 (Modcloth)
Necklace: Spinning Wheel Necklace $9.86 (Etsy)

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Triple Threat

Back to readily available internet access, I am happy to announce the lucky winners of the "Double the Fun" and "Trendy Tory" giveaways! With classes back in session, I would like to wish my student readers a fun and successful school year! For those out of the classroom and exploring the realities of adulthood, happy fall! Stay warm out there!

Double the Fun Giveaway Winners

Scarf: Aisha W.

Necklace: Regina V.

Trendy Tory Giveaway Winner

Lauren C.

Thanks again to all of my faithful readers and I promise we will have another giveaway soon for more chances to win some neat stuff!!