Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forever Urban

I went out for a retail therapy session in search of a friend's birthday present this afternoon and found myself finding some cute pieces in two stores that  usually don't find things in. I ended up purchasing a cute maxi dress for her in Forever 21. In addition, I picked up a few things for myself! I purchased a cream colored blazer at Forever 21 and a navy blue lace romper at Urban Outfitters. Needless to say I was a very happy camper at the end of the day! For this post I decided to share some of my favorite pieces that I found in the stores as well as on their websites.

Forever 21:

Sweetheart Roses Dress $17.80

I think this dress is perfect for summer. The floral print gives the dress a flirty and feminine look while the light colors will keep you cool in the summer heat. My favorite aspect of this dress is the adorable sweetheart neckline

Floral Zipper Tank $19.80

Recently I've really come to like pieces with zippers. I like this particular tank because it mixes feminine elements (print and silhouette) with edgy elements (zipper)

Cuffed Sailor Short $15.80

Something about high waisted shorts scream 'cute' to me. I've been trying to find the perfect pair but haven't found a pair that I love yet. With a tucked in white blouse, I think these shorts could definitely work for a dressy event 

Polka Dot Skirt $14.80

Over the past few weeks I've been going through my closet to find things to donate or use for a clothing swap that I no longer love, and I discovered I only had one flowy skirt and two bandage skirts. Personally I don't think skirts really flatter me so I tend to lean toward dresses but I think the thinner waistband on this skirt will creat the illusion of a smaller waistline

Striped French Cuff Blazer $27.80 

This is the piece that I purchased for myself! I have a few darker colored blazers but I didn't have any light colored ones. I thought this blazer looked chic and the color is perfect for summer! Plus it's one of those pieces that you can pair with virtually anything you may have in your closet

Urban Outfitters:

Staring at Stars Eyelet Blouse $59.00 

Most of the pieces that I've been drawn to recently are either white or cream colored. I'm usually drawn to darker colors like black or navy but I've learned that dark colors + walking around oustide in the summer heat aren't a good combination. I think this top is girly and has a unique neckline that I haven't really seen before

Pins and Needles Lace Inset Blouse $59.00

I think that these white/cream colored blouses with the bow in the front are super chic. It also gives the top a vintage vibe which makes the piece more interesting. This top would look cute with the cuffed sailor shorts that I listed under Forever 21! Another option could be to pair the top with a black bandage skirt for a more professional look

Lucca Couture Pleated Bodice Strapless Dress $69.00

I'm definitely a fan of strapless dresses. I don't think that spaghetti strap dresses really do anything for me so I figured why not just find something that gets rid of straps all together! This dress could definitely work for a party or for a fancy dinner out with friends. However with a white cardi and some flat sandals it could work for a trip to the farmers market or for a stroll on the beach

Pins and Needles Jersey Shirred Top Maxi Dress $69.00

After purchasing the maxi dress for my friend, I tried it on just to see how I would look in this style and absolutely fell in love with the shape and silhouette it gave me. Not only was it super comfortable, but it made me feel extremely feminine. I had to restrain myself from taking it by wrapping it right when I got home! This maxi from Urban has a similar shape to the one I bought my friend at Forever 21 except hers had a floral print. I couldn't decide if I liked the black or pink, so I posted both

Kimchi Blue Lace Romper $59.00 

This is the romper I purchased today except in navy! I kinda wanted the white one but I knew I would probably spill something on it so I opted for the darker color. The lace print is so lovely and I love how the fabric flares out at the bottom to create the illusion of a dress. There are many rompers that have a more loose fitted top which don't flatter me, so the fact that this one had a fitted top made me happy

The navy one I bought!

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