Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lovely in Lace

Inspired by the lace on Kate Middleton's beautiful wedding dress, I decided to focus on the intricate fabric, one of the current fashion trends for spring 2011. Lace helps to add a touch of sophistication and femininity to any outfit. Whether you choose a piece that is made entirely of the material or have it act as just an accent, lace can also add a vintage feel to an outfit.

Some lace accented pieces:

Cheek to Chic Dress $79.99 (Modcloth)

En Creme Lace Illusion Dress $64.00 (Nordstrom)

Lace Knit Top $19.80 (Forever 21)

Lace Fabric Rider Jacket $22.99 (Papaya Clothing)

Sweet Ballerina Lace Flat $165.00 (Nordstrom)

Here's a lace inspired look from my closet:

Lace Cardigan: LC Lauren Conrad Collection

Dress: Guess Clothing

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Salute Your Shorts

It's just about that time to whip out those shorts! From classic short shorts to the more modern high waisted style, there's a pair for everyone! For a more casual look just add a tank or tee to a denim pair. If you want to amp up your look you can pair a pretty top with some white shorts or a pair in a higher quality material such as silk or leather. Depending of the type of shorts you have and the top you add to it, they can be a great substitute for a skirt or dress for a night out.

Here's how to create a similar look:

AE 3/4 Sleeve Cardi $29.50 (American Eagle)

Belle Shorts $30.00 (Abercrombie)

AEO Cinched Leather Belt $29.50 (American Eagle)

Jessica Simpson Chesto Sandals $88.95 (Nordstrom)

Roxy Running Mate Satchel $44.00 (Nordstrom)

Pressed Floral Beaded Necklace $5.80 (Forever 21)

Here's how to create a similar look:

Pins & Needles Lace Panel Henley Tank Top $39.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Cuffed Sailor Shorts $15.80 (Forever 21)

Patent Leatherette Peep Heels $24.80 (Forever 21)

Sequined Butterfly Clutch $19.80 (Forever 21)

Here's how to create a similar look:

BDG Tara Classic Blazer $79.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Striped Ruffled Cap Sleeve Top $14.90 (Forever 21)

Fold Pocket Herringbone Shorts $15.80 (Forever 21)

Glore Sandals $44.98 (Aldo Shoes)

Lucky Star Oversized Faux Leather Shoulder Bag $38.00 (Nordstrom)

Diamond Chain Necklace with Swirl $8.50 (Charlotte Russe)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hole in One

We all have that one special pair of jeans in our dressers but what do you do when you've given them so much love that the next time you slip them on you spot an embarrassing hole in them? Well, you could throw them away and just buy a new pair, or you can hold on to them and send them in to to have them reweave them for you. Whether the hole be in the knee, back pocket, or crotch area, they can help you out! At $7 per inch, knowing how expensive a pair of designer jeans can be, it might just be a better deal. Plus you just can't beat the awesome feeling of comfy worn in jeans!

Take a look at some of's magic

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Beauty on a Budget

Now that we've entered spring and summer hanging just around the corner it's time to clear out those heavy coats and boots for warm weather essentials! I can understand that being a student doesn't leave much extra money left in the wallet for new pieces, but thanks to stores like Forever 21, fashion lovers can not only snatch trendy clothing at an inexpensive price, you can really stretch that buck and get more for your money! I've put together a few outfits that are all under $100!

Here's how to create a similar look:

BP Three Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan $24.90 (Nordstrom)

Herringbone Matelot Mini Skirt $10.99 (Forever 21)

Miss Me May 3 Oxford $29.95 (DSW)

Black Poppy Just Like Butter Bag $27.99 (Pacsun)

Total: $93.83 + tax

Here's how to create a similar look:

Island Tropics Skirt $14.90 (Forever 21)

Shirring Sleeve Basic Cotton Top $5.99 (Papaya Clothing)

Baumler Sandals $29.98 (Aldo Shoes)

High Waisted Fashion Belt $14.95 (Belts & More)

Ombre Round Frame Sunglasses $5.50 (Forever 21)

Total: $71.32 + tax

Here's how to create a similar look:

Basic V-Neck Top $4.80 (Forever 21)

Skinny Dark Denim Jeans $14.99 (Papaya Clothing)

Animal Patterned Scarf $7.99 (Papaya Clothing)

F8804 Sunglasses $5.80

Glossy T-Strap Stilettos $27.80 (Forever 21)

Total: $61.38 + tax

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blaze of Glory

Need that go to piece that you can always count on to dress up even a boring old t-shirt? Have no fear! Make way for the blazer! A key piece that should definitely be in every fashion lovers closet looks great with a pair of dark denim jeans, a cute mini dress, or just about anything you can think of. Being that there are so many different styles of blazers, I thought I'd focus on a few of the more popular silhouettes. 

Due to the masculine nature of the slouchy boyfriend blazer, by pairing it with a more feminine piece such as a romper, prevents an outfit from becoming too boxy and shapeless. 

How to create a similar look

Faded Checkers Romper $16.90 (Forever 21)

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer $78.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Another popular style is the cropped blazer. To help offset the strong shoulder of the blazer, combining it with an a-line dress helps to create a lovely hourglass shape. The cropped blazer is also a great style for those who are vertically challenged! It creates the illusion of a higher waistline therefore making a pair of short legs look miles long! 

How to create a similar look:

Trixxi Jeweled Empire Waist Strapless Dress $68.00 (Nordstrom)

Shrunken Ruffle Detail Blazer $39.50 (Charlotte Russe)

Need a more dressy look but don't feel like changing out of your comfy jeans and t-shirt? Just throw on a blazer and voila!

How to create a similar look:

Double Gold Button Linen Tailor Jacket $22.99 (Papaya Clothing)

AE Embroidered Panel Cami $24.50 (American Eagle)

Since the blazer can be used with just about anything, it's not a bad idea to invest in a higher quality style. Not only will it look and feel better than an inexpensive one, it will last longer too! So if you don't currently have a blazer in your possession, think about making some extra room in your closet for one! Remember! Though it's nice to have a classic black or white one, it's always nice to add a little color to your wardrobe! Think about a sophisticated red hue or maybe even a feminine pink style. It'll add a touch or uniqueness to your outfit!

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