Friday, June 10, 2011

Night at the Movies

I finished my last final this morning, and now I am free for the summer! Yay! Goodbye sophomore year, hello junior year! Sometimes I wish things would slow down though. I can't say I'm ready to graduate college yet and find a real career to support myself. Anywho, back to the positives, it was a successful year of hard work all the while being able to fit in time to just hangout with friends and enjoy the college life. To celebrate the start of summer I treated myself to the movies. I was so shocked at the ticket prices. $15 for a 3D ticket?! Ridiculous! However I must say that Kung Fu Panda 2 was definitely worth the money. It had equal parts cuteness with a touch of sadness here and there but I would recommend going out to see it! Very entertaining. I decided to post a similar look to what I wore to the theater this evening.

Night at the Movies

Blazer: Striped French Cuff Blazer $27.80 (Forever 21)
Tank: Impressionist Flower Top $20.00 (Forever 21)
Jeans: Divine Rights of Denim Skinny Jeans $25.00 (Forever 21)
Bag: Distressed Leatherette Handbag $34.80 (Forever 21)

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