Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreaming of Summer

Took a long car ride across the state today to go apartment shopping and passed by miles and miles of wheat fields! It was really nice actually. I couldn't help imagining how amazing it must be to live in such a quite and peaceful little town where the land seems to stretch out forever. It must be nice to just lay out on the fluffy green grass and enjoy looking up at the stars at night when the air is warm and you can actually see them twinkling up in the sky, and not accidentally mistaking them for the bright city lights. Inspired by the landscape, I created a quick and simple look that I'd imagine I would wear on a warm night out in the wheat fields.

Dreaming of Summer

Dress: Pleated Dress with Sweetheart Neck $68.96 (Asos)
Necklace: Antique Skeleton Key Necklace $14.00 (Fred Flare)

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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