Friday, June 24, 2011

OCD: Organize Closet Day

Since moving back home for the summer, things have been a bit messy. I've attempted to unpack all of my stuff that I had in my dorm, but things just ended up hanging out of garbage bags and pushed off to the side. Needless to say, its made my room quite the danger zone! Anyways, I decided to start with my closet today and organized my drawers as well as the clothes hanging on the sides. Take a look at my progress!

Here's what it looked like before. What a jumbled mess!

After! How'd I do?

I decided to organize my closet based on specific pieces. So for example, I grouped my dresses together based on sleeve type and color. The same went for everything else that was hanging (button down cardigans, open cardigans, tops, tanks, etc).

Here's a peek into one of my drawers! 

By folding my pieces this way, it makes it easier to see what I have without having to sort through the entire drawer! 

All in all it was actually pretty fun sorting through my closet and organizing my drawers. Now onto the next section of my room. If only cleaning all parts of my room were this fun...

Inspired to organize your own closet? Take a before and after photo to admire your progress! Let me know how it goes!


  1. i like it
    my closet is organized exactly as yours thanks..

  2. Thank you! That's cool our closets are organized the same way. I guess great minds think alike :)