Monday, May 2, 2011

Romp Around the Garden

Here's a current trend for spring 2011 that I am still quite skeptical about. Looking through pictures of celebrities wearing the one piece garment, I'm tempted to go out and buy one myself. They always look so cute on other people! The ones that I have tried on weren't horrible, but I wasn't exactly wowed either. I like the fact that they look like a mini dress (without having to worry about the wind flipping up the hem) but they do seem to create a tricky situation when you have to use the facilities! Maybe I just haven't found the perfect one yet. Here are a few ways to wear the romper. I've included one look that has an edgy vibe to it and one that is a more classic, sophisticated look.

Here's how to create a similar look:

Floral Playsuit $100.00 (Topshop)

Grass Jacket $50.99 (Macys)

UO Sheer Tights $12.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Bagging For Fashion Clutch $31. 60 (Urbanog)

Side Tie Cuffed Heel Bootie $32.50 (Charlotte Russe)

Here's how to create a similar look:

Mossimo Supply CO. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Romper $19.99 (Target)

V-Neck Cotton Basic Tee $3.99 (Papaya Clothing)

Leatherette Woven Belt $6.80 (Forever 21)

Peep Toe Heels $22.80 (Forever 21)

What's your take on this trend? Let me know if you're a fan of the romper or think it's one big fashion don't!

Inspired? Looke for these items here:

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