Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mix it Up

Are you getting bored with the predictable outfits consisting of a printed top or bottom paired with a solid? Why not try mixing different prints together! Of course like most skills, becoming an expert mixer takes practice. I'm still trying to figure out what looks good together myself! Here are some tips to help create a beautiful outfit with different prints without turning your look into a mixup mess.

  • If you're not quite ready to make a bold mixup statement, try a more subtle look. Pick black and white printed pieces and pair them together! Perhaps a striped navel inspired boatneck top with a tribal printed skirt. Beware of pairing same hued colors aside from black and white together. Having a completely red outfit for example with different prints can be overwhelming, and can make you  look more strange than fashion forward.
  • Try mixing prints with complementary colors together! If you're not sure what colors match up with what, here's a handy complementary color wheel for you! Whatever is on the opposite side of the color wheel is its complement. By pairing these colors, helps to brighten up your outfit without looking silly!

  • Mix more simple prints with bolder prints to create a chic outfit! One timeless favorite is the stripes and floral duo. Or you can try pairing polka dots with stripes, or polka dots with florals! Make different looks to see what looks best to you!
Here are some celebrity mixed print looks:

Rachel Bilson's monochromatic look consists of a polka dotted top with a tribal striped skirt. To add a touch of sophistication, she added a long black cardigan with black opaque tights. With the addition of the boots, adds a slightly edgy vibe to add some interest to the outfit.

Choosing a neutral palette, Adriana Lima paired an animal print bandage skirt with a three-quarter sleeve floral top. The top alone could be paired with jeans to create a more casual outfit, but with the skirt, the print helps to add a touch of dressiness to her outfit. 

I recently purchased a dress from Macy's that combines a polka dotted top with a floral fitted skirt. It would work as a going out piece by itself with some black heels, or could work as a day outfit with a black or white cardigan and some cute sandals. 

Material Girl Polka Dot Floral Printed Tube Mini $28.00 (Macy's)

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