Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rave Reviews

It's time for more product reviews! Here are a few face and body products that I've tried recently! Do you agree or do you think I haven't given these products a fair shot? Let me know!

Aussie Sun-Touched Shine Shampoo $4.49 (Rite Aid)

I just picked up this shampoo about a month ago and love it! It has a slight fruit punch scent and the formula is fairly thick. Some other shampoos I've tried are rather runny so this one was a nice change. Definitely noticed a difference in shine! The shampoo provided a glossy finish and made my strands look clean and healthy. I would absolutely recommend this product! It gets a 5/5

Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer $8.79 (

Since it's about time to whip out the skirts and dresses, it's a good time to start getting some color back into your legs! This lotion gradually builds color through regular use over the time span of a week. Personally I wasn't really able to see a difference, but the gold sparkles in the lotion help to add a touch of sheen creating the look of a natural looking tan. One downside is the scent. It's a combo between a cinnamon scent mixed with a chemical scent. Not exactly the most appealing aroma. This lotion gets a 3/5

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer $24.50 (Nordstrom)

I actually received a sample of this face moisturizer from a free gift package. It definitely helped heal the drier areas on my skin, but it also created shine which is never a good thing. I ended up having to use an oil blotter sheet afterwards. But overall I'd say it's a decent lotion. I think I'll keep looking for a better one though. I give this a 3/5

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap $16.00 (Nordstrom)

Again, this was received in a free gift package. This facial soap seems to only help clear up mild acne so that is one downfall to this product. Another would have to be the after effects.  The product claims to help fight dryness but I found my face (specifically around the cheek area) to be significantly drier. I wasn't very impressed. This gets a 2/5

Pink With a Splash Body Mist in Fruity & Bright $15.00 (Victoria's Secret)

I absolutely love this body mist! It provides a light fresh scent and seems to last forever. I'd say it's a mix between maybe a rose scent and a linen scent. Unlike some other body sprays, you won't leave an overpowering trail behind you. Plus the shape of the bottle allows for easy storage and has such cute packaging. I will definitely be purchasing this again. I might even grab the body lotion as well! This receives a 5/5

EOS Summer Fruit Organic Lip Balm Sphere $2.99 (Target)

This lip balm comes in a few different flavors as well but I really liked the color of the summer fruit balm. I had read about this product in a few different magazines so I decided I'd give it a try. The size and shape of the container make it easy to find in your purse among the rest of the treasures found in there. In addition, the way the balm is molded allows you to apply the product quickly and easily. The flavor of the balm isn't too bad either! The balm gets a 4/5

Tried any face or body products lately? If so which one received your seal of approval? Clue me in!

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