Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Dangers of Shopping

As retail therapy patients we all know the thrill of buying that new top just pulling you in with all its sparkly goodness. Or maybe those adorable trendy sandals that you absolutely must have. Either way, as shoppers we can get so sucked into a good deal that we are momentarily blinded by the fact that we might not actually need that piece of clothing in our wardrobes. Walking into stores such as Forever 21 or Love Culture, you may be overwhelmed by the prices. With steals and deals at every corner, the $10 dress you just can't leave without can slowly add up. Remember! Even if something is cheap, little numbers add up too!

In many cases the inexpensive items that you do buy become 'impulse buys'. At the time the piece may seem like something that you need. But once you bring that item home, you may end up asking yourself, "Why did I buy this?" Guilty of being an impulse shopper from time to time myself, when it comes time to clean out my closet, I end up with a pile of clothes that I have either worn only a handful of times, or even worse, something I haven't worn even once! Of course there is the timeless advice of asking yourself, "Do I really need this?" But we all know that in the heat of our shopping experience, the answer will most likely always be yes. Thankfully to this tricky little cost-per wear calculator, it helps to put my spending into perspective! This is the kind of math that I can appreciate! So the next time you're in a purchase bind, refer to this handy tool! Happy shopping!

Here are a few of my impulse buys! 

Top: Crown of Hearts
Sandals: Candies

Cardi: Ella Moss
Flats: Pita Shoes

What was your most recent impulse buy? Share your stories with me!

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