Friday, July 1, 2011

Just Say Yes to Style

Whenever I look through Japanese fashion magazines, I end up feeling sad knowing that I can't buy any of the cute clothes in them. I dream of going back to Japan and buying all sorts of cute clothes! I'd probably need to bring an empty suitcase with me just to fill with stuff I'd buy! Luckily I came across the clothing website Yes Style, which features fashionable pieces from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. I love all the pastel colors used in their fashion and all the cute touches that they add to the pieces like bows and lace. I'm a big fan of flowy and girly romantic pieces so the pieces they feature are perfect! This website not only has a wide selection of adorable pieces, but they also put outfits together for you, saving you time and effort. I highly recommend taking a look through the site. I guarantee you'll find something perfect for you!

Some of My Favorites:

Tokyo Fashion Ruffle-Neckline Chiffon Dress $35.00

Tokyo Fashion Flutter-Sleeve Dotted Chiffon Dress $38.00

Tokyo Fashion Ruffle-Detail Floral Chiffon Dress $32.00

Tokyo Fashion Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress $28.00

Tokyo Fashion Contrast Yoke Bow-Accenet Top $28.00

Tokyo Fashion Sleeveless Ruffled Wrap-Front Dotted Top $30.00

Tokyo Fashion Faux Peal-Bow Layered Chiffon Tunic $25.60

Tokyo Fashion Lace-Detail Loose Fit Top $22.40

Tokyo Fashion Tie-Front Skirt $28.00

Tokyo Fashion Metallic Buttoned Pleated Shorts $28.00

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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