Sunday, July 24, 2011

Braid Fun

I remember the first time I learned how to do a simple braid as a little kid and feeling so proud of myself! Over the past few years I've noticed that the basic braid has evolved and has taken on a wide variety of different forms. From french braids to fishtail braids, things have gotten quite a bit more complicated! In the past pigtail braids used to be the popular hairstyle on the playground. They were simple, cute, easy to create, and stayed in place while running and climbing during recess. Braids today are more versatile and can also be a great way to make your hairstyle more fancy for a night out. Whenever I'm flipping through a magazine I always see at least one celebrity on the red carpet wearing a braided updo with an elegant floor-length gown. Want to add a touch of flair to your party look? Add a sparkly clip or barrette for a girly touch. Going for a more boho look? Why not try a clip in feather extension and blend it in within your braids? Looking for more ways to braid your hair? I've added a few links to videos with some fun takes on the classic hairstyle! What's your favorite braided look?

Braids on Celebrities  


I've been seeing these braids everywhere! It's a great braid for day or night and looks great either polished or messy! Add a girly touch like Vanessa Hudgens with a pretty elastic to tie the braid into place.

Braided Headband

The great thing about this braid is that it can act as an accessory! If you have shorter hair, many accessory boutiques sell headbands with braids attached to them in different colors to best match your hair color. I like to pin my braid in place with simple bobby pins and pulling the extra hair over it to hide the end, but a larger pin can also be a great option for a special event. Going for a hippie/boho look? Instead of draping the braid across the top of your head, bring the braid across your forehead and pin it behind your ear on the opposite side!

Braided Bun

Though I haven't actually attempted the braided bun myself, I thought that Amy Adam's updo looked so elegant! What made this look particularly interesting was that the messy-ness of the updo helped to create a flowy and feminine vibe to the look. For a simpler take on this hairstyle, part your hair to the side, either french or basic braid a few strands, and pull them back into a low ponytail to form into a bun!

Side Braid

This is by far my favorite braid! Not only is it a great braid for those who are looking for  fun ways to style their bangs while they're growing out, but it also just helps to keep wispy hairs out of your face! It's a great way to frame your face and is so simple to create. Personally I like this look with wavy or curled hair because it helps to hide the pins better, and it helps to create a beachy look. Perfect for summer! 

How to Create These Styles

Fishtail Braid

Slide-Up Braid

Side Braid

(A tutorial from my favorite youtube beauty channel!) 

Braided Headband

(She has a slightly different take on the braid than I do but they basically follow the same steps)

Here's a "How-to" video for the waterfall braid! 

I haven't actually attempted this one yet but if you have, let me know!

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