Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh Canada

Took a road trip up to Vancouver this morning with a close friend for some much needed retail therapy! I always love looking in all the cute boutiques for pieces that I can't find in the states. There's a sense of comfort and satisfaction knowing that you won't find someone walking down the street with the same exact outfit as you. The only downside were the prices. So incredibly expensive! I was able to get my hands on a few great deals along the way though so not all was lost. Plus nothing could beat the quality time I got to spend with my friend! The weather was great (though it was a bit toasty) and it was so fun seeing all the different fashion choices that the other shoppers had made. I must say that Vancouver is a very fashionable city. It seemed like I pointed out a cute piece on someone every few seconds! I hope to go back soon!

Here are a few pictures from my trip! (Sorry! I wish I had taken more but it was a tad awkward trying to take pictures without people giving me strange looks!)

Robson Street Vancouver, BC

What to learn more about this exciting shopping area?

Here's the top I purchased!

Top: UK2LA $25.00 (Urban Planet)

It came with removable straps!

Here's an outfit I put together using the bustier top! I liked the idea of a fitted top and skirt under a more relaxed fit blazer to prevent the outfit from becoming too revealing and clingy. I would definitely wear an outfit like this to a special event or dinner. It consists of three easy pieces that can be quickly thrown together to create a put-together look that only seems like it took a lot of time to create!

Blazer: Talula Blazer $125.00 (Aritzia) 
I also purchased this blazer in Canada during a previous retail therapy session! I was definitely weary of the price, but I can say that I wear it almost every week! The cost-per-wear of this item made it a great investment! Plus I can wear it with anything.
Skirt: Black Bandage Skirt $15.80 (Wet Seal)
To keep with the theme, believe it or not, I actually purchased this skirt to wear out during a trip up to Canada with some friends! We ended up dressing a bit more casually so I wasn't able to wear it. Hopefully I'll be able to wear it soon!

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