Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In a Week

Finally made it to my first 100 posts! It's been really fun coming up with different things to blog about each day and I'm looking forward to the next 100! In honor of my 100th post, I wanted to do something a little different today! I decided to pick out a few pieces and combine them in different ways to make up a weeks worth of outfits! It's always fun to see how versatile basic pieces can be, and how many different looks you can create without spending money on a bunch of different things that could only work with one outfit. So make sure you take a look in your closet and check to see that you have all the basics! They're your best friends among a sea of acquaintances in your wardrobe! To make your week's worth of outfits unique, I've excluded shoes and accessories (aside from a belt). It's up to you on how you want to finish off your looks!  Anyways, hope you have all been enjoying my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them! Happy reading!

The Basics 
(What you need for a weeks worth of cute outfits!)

A Closer Look:

Essential V-Neck Tee $4.50 (Forever 21)

Pins and Needles Cropped Bustier Top $29.99 (Urban Outfitters)

Great Plains Black Cardigan $35.00 (Coggles)

Crop Denim Jacket $32.80 (Wet Seal)

Urban Renewal Sweater Bodycon Tunic $29.99 (Urban Outfitters)

Class Dismissed Skirt $27.99 (Modcloth)

Basic Dark Denim Skinny Jean $9.99 (Papaya Clothing)

Signature Leggings $39.50 (J.Crew)

Crocodile Stretch Waist Belt $8.50 (Wet Seal)

The Outfits:


Monday: Coming out of the weekend, monday's can be brutal. So why not cut yourself some slack and go with a more simple yet comfortable outfit to start off the week! With a simple cardigan, v-neck tee, and pair of skinny jeans, you'll look polished and fresh even if you may not be feeling that way on the inside!

Tuesday: Want to go for a girly/tomboy look? Combine an edgy denim jacket with a pretty tunic with leggings to make the outfit appropriate for the classroom! 

Wednesday: Since the week is halfway over, why not put a little more effort into your look! Create a feminine look by tucking the tunic into a banded skirt. Picking a floral pattern will look cute, not tacky. Finish off the look with a warm cardigan!


Thursday: Been up all night studying for that test you forgot? Make a quick outfit by adding a more casual spin on monday's look by switching the cardigan for a denim jacket! Plus if it gets warm in the classroom, you'll still look chic with a white tee and skinnies!

Friday: You did it! The week is over and it's time to celebrate the start to the weekend. Pair the tunic with a belt to help define a waistline, and add a lacy cami in a neutral color underneath for a touch of modesty to compensate for the shorter length of the tunic/dress! This outfit will also look great for a night out after classes!

Saturday: Enjoy the night life with a cute outfit! Simply tuck in the bustier top into the banded skirt, layer on a belt and you're ready to go! Accessorize with a cute clutch and some heels.


Sunday: It's the end of the weekend and time to sit down and finish all of that work you procrastinated on! This look would look cute for a study session with classmates, church, or any other activity you may have planned!

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