Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you all have found a fun way to spend the day. We're having family and friends over today for a barbeque and it seems as if the Seattle weather is cooperating with us for once! The sun is out, there's a lovely light breeze, and the smell of yummy appetizers are filling the house! For today's post I wanted to focus on the colors of the American flag! I know sometimes putting red, white, and blue together can look tacky or more patriotic than fashionable, so I decided to create outfits that feature the three colors in a put together and polished way! If you focus on one color as the base, you can add pops of the other two colors with your accessories! Maybe adding a pair of navy heels, or painting your nails red is just what you need to finish off your outfit! Have fun mixing and matching the colors to create a look that looks both fashionable and patriotic!

Getting ready for tonight's barbeque!

Red, White, & Blue Outfit Options:

Forever 21

Striped Rib Knit Tank $5.50 

Belted Woven Skirt $19.80 

Lace Neckline Sweater $19.80 

Tanya Studded Sandals $12.80 

Papaya Clothing

Striped Lacy Neck Basic Tank Top $3.99

Linen Simple Mini Skirt $14.99

Lacy & Spangle Trim Basic Cardigan $19.99

Leatherette Belted Wedges $23.99


Western Damsel Ivory Lace Dress $58.00

Bamboo Margarita Keyhole Slingback Platform Pumps $33.00

Right on Point Navy Blue Purse $49.00

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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