Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunny Delight

Like the sunny shade of the ever popular breakfast beverage, orange has become a fun and bold way to add some color to your look! Great for the start of fall, the bright shade can help to complement that pretty tan you worked hard for this whole summer. Have fair skin? Look for a red-orange shade that has a metallic sheen to it like silk to add a touch of sparkle to complement your porcelain skin! For those with darker skin tones, look for a piece in a more rich shade of orange or even a more neon orange for a pretty contrast! Are you somewhere in between? Try a more coral orange. This universally flattering color looks great on all types of skin tones!

Celebrities in Orange

Ginnifer Goodwin

Blake Lively

Victoria Beckham

Miley Cyrus

Orange Options:

Blood Orange Blouse $38.00 (Nasty Gal)

Notions of Nutmeg Burnt Orange Top $33.00 (Lulu's)

Orange Sorbet Scallop Vest $30.00 (Topshop)

Waist Belted Lace Dress $27.37 (Dressrail)

Orange Belted Pleat Maxi Dress $21.62 (Desire Clothing)

Slice of Color Shorts $39.99 (Modcloth)

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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