Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coffee Table Reads

Just finished your most recent summer read? Looking for something quick and fun to page through? I recently got my hands on the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style guide book and absolutely love it! There are so many different outfits on each brightly colored page and provides tons of inspiration for looks that you can try. There are six chapters, each dedicated to a certain fashion style/vibe (girly, edgy, boho, classic, glam, indie) as well as a guide for which jean styles best compliment your specific body type! What's so cool about this book is that it separates the different styles, but allows you to figure out how to combine them together to create your very own unique look. Another great thing about this book is that all of the pieces listed are pretty timeless in their respective categories so it's not one of those fashion books that eventually become dated. Is your coffee table missing some fun books? Why not add this one to your collection? Not only will you enjoy it, but your guests will enjoy it as well!

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style Book $11.66 (Barnes and Noble)
By Ann Shoket

Here's a quick peek inside!

Provides must have essential for each style

Focuses on celebrities that best exemplify the styles

Features looks both on celebrities and everyday fashionistas on the street

Need help figuring out where to shop depending on you fashion tastes? This book has you covered!

It's time for back-to-school shopping and that means new jeans! FInd out which styles and washes best flatter your body type.

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