Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY Project

Feeling creative? Looking for something fun and eye catching to add to your room? Showcase your artistic side by creating your very own fashion inspiration board! Not only is this project fun and simple, it's also a cheap and affordable alternative to some of the more pricier home decor options. Rather than just hanging up a pretty picture, an inspiration board is a great way to illustrate what things you are loving at the moment and is also a great conversation starter! What's especially great about this project is that there is no right or wrong way of going about it. If you're a fan of fashion designing, you can clip magazine photos that may inspire a new project. Are you a fan of trends? Clip photos of the hottest pieces of the moment and stick them on the board! You can reference back to the clippings before your next retail therapy session! If fashion isn't your thing, make a board that suits your other interests! Ready to get crafty? Roll up those sleeves, find some old magazines, and let that creativity flow!


  • cork board
  • magazine clippings/photos
  • sticky tack/thumb tacks
  • cut out letters (optional)
  • super glue (optional)

Personally I wanted to add a glitzy touch to my board, so I super glued glittery cut out letters in the top corner to add some visual interest! I decided to use sticky tack rather than thumb tacks so I wouldn't have to damage the photos, but if you want to quickly post clippings, thumb tacks are a great option!

TRTD's Inspiration Board

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