Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be Inspired

Whether you tend to follow trends or start them, creating a style all your own can be a fun experience! Pulling inspiration from celebrities, fashionistas on the street, or the nature around you can be a great way to form your own style if you feel like you haven't quite found one that fits you yet. Whenever I'm having a hard time putting together outfits or just in need of some inspiration, I look to some of my favorite fashionable celebrities. With their girly yet timeless looks, my top five never fail me when I'm in need of some fashion advice. Who's in your top five? Who do you look to for inspiration? Let me know either by email or by leaving me a message on my facebook page!

TRTD's Top Five Celebrity Fashion Inspirations

Lauren Conrad

From my numerous posts featuring her laid back California style, it's safe to say that she's my number one fashion inspiration! From her more flowy tops and dresses for casual wear to her more fitted and structured pieces for evening, she never fails to look chic and polished!

Rachel Bilson

Ever since she first played Summer Roberts on The OC, I've been in love with her style. She always knows just how to dress her petite frame, which can be handy since I'm on the short side as well. Mixing girly pieces with edgier pieces, she always creates a style all her own.

Olivia Palermo

Having recently discovered this stylish celebrity, I've noticed her style not only in fashion magazines here in the U.S. but I've also seen her style featured in Japanese fashion magazines as well! Her sophisticated style always looks so effortless! Whether wearing the hottest designer brands or simple affordable basics, by mixing and matching pieces, she makes it easier for others to create similar outfits that only look expensive. 

Emma Roberts

In a world where young celebrities feel like less is more, this stylish celebrity is paving the way for a more modest and sophisticated look that is both fashionable and age-appropriate. Everything that she wears goes so well together whether it be a leather mini with a red polka dotted blazer, or a elegant beaded gown for a special event. Though she may still be a younger fashionista, she definitely still inspires those older than her as well!

Alexa Chung

Known for her ability to mix feminine pieces with masculine pieces so well together has helped her to become an icon in the fashion industry! All her pieces are so versatile so she can create so many different looks from just a few pieces. I've become a big fan of structured pieces lately so I've been looking to her for inspiration.   

Let me know who inspires you!


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