Friday, April 22, 2011

California Here We Come

Here's a look from one of my style inspirations Rachel Bilson. Recently I've been on an OC kick and decided to pay homage to one of my favorite shows! It's been so nice lately in Seattle. This look screams spring to me. You have the dark denim shorts to get a head start on that tan, but also have a comfy cardigan to shield yourself from those chilly spring mornings!

Here's how to create a similar look:

Ribbed Tank Top $4.50 (Forever 21)

BDG Classic Cardigan $38.00 (Urban Outfitters)

STS Blue Cuff Shorts $44.00 (Nordstrom)

F8804 Sunglasses $5.80 (Forever 21)

Layered Pearl & Bead Necklace $7.50 (Charlotte Russe)

Inspired? Look for these items here:

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