Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a Sweetheart

Love the look of a sweetheart neckline but aren't completely loving the idea of showing so much skin? Luckily there are several different styles of tops and dresses out there that create the illusion of the classic neckline while being modest at the same time. From lace lining to color blocking, you can get the best of both worlds! If these styles aren't up your alley, you can always turn to your trusty cami to layer under tops to allow you versatility. Below I've provided a few other options for this sweet yet tricky cut as well as the tried and true layering favorite!

Sweetheart Necklines

Untitled #76

Top: Teal Long Sleeve Lace Top $ 9.90 (Windsor) 
 Dress: Sweetheart Lace Dress $30.00 (Tobi)
Dress: Sweetheart Colorblock Dress $38.00 (Tobi)
Top: Sweetheart Mesh Body with 3/4 Sleeves $45.45 (Asos)

Coverage Options

Untitled #75

Chunky Necklace: Choose this option for a fancy night out! The bold accessory helps to visually fill out the openness while still allowing you to comfortably wear a strapless sweetheart neckline dress without having to layer.

Scarf: Much like the Chunky Necklace, a scarf can also help to visually cover the openness while still keeping you nice and toasty warm on those chilly nights! Any style of scarf can work, so whether you are a fan of infinity scarves, or your basic fringed end scarf, they all succeed at the task at hand.

Bandeau: Sometimes it can be irritating when you wear a camisole and it rides up creating weird lumps and bumps under your top, so this option is great! It covers just enough, and can also be handy for strapless tops.

Cami: The tried and true. I've been a fan of this option for as long as I can remember. The lace trimmed versions were pretty popular but I always favored the basic no nonsense camisoles with just the classic scoop neck. This is a great option for the thrifty fashionista since you can get a wide variety in a large range of colors for a reasonable price!

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