Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hits and Misses of 2011

Another year has come and gone as we once again prepare for another year full of promise and excitement! This year has had its ups and downs, but what year hasn't? One up from this year was starting The Retail Therapy Diaries! As cheesy as it may sound, this blog has really brought me a lot of joy. On those days that were tough, I could just turn to my blog and escape into the wonderful world of fashion, even if it was just for an hour or so and my mood would make a complete 180. Looking back at the different posts from throughout this year, it's fascinating to see how many different trends there were! Much like years, trends seem to creep up on us and disappear right before our eyes. Wanting to create one last post for 2011, I decided on discussing my favorite and least favorite trends of the year! What were your hits and misses of this year? Let me know!

The Retail Therapy Diaries Hits of 2011

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In no particular order...

1.) Tie-Neck Blouses and Dresses: Such a simple yet sophisticated trend. Paired with jeans, a tie-neck blouse would be perfect for a nice lunch date, or great for a day at the office paired with a knee-length pencil skirt!

2.) Rompers: I loved the idea of a top and a pair of shorts being combined into one piece! Plus they are super comfortable and can be dressed up or down!

3.) Riding Boots: I can admit I never gave boots a fair chance seeing as I love my open toe shoes and flats. Thankfully I found a pair of brown riding boots that I fell in love with! They basically go with everything in my closet which is great!

4.) Anything Lace: Love lace! Such a pretty and feminine fabric! Whenever I went out for some retail therapy, the lace pieces always popped out to me first. Hoping this trend will continue to stay popular throughout next year as well!

5.) Anything Floral: Perfect for spring and summer, my wardrobe consisted almost entirely of floral as well as lace! I was particularly fond of the floral banded skirts, which added a different twist to the basic black bandage skirt.

...And the Misses

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Sorry if you liked these trends! I'm sure they looked good on you, but personally they weren't my cup of tea!

1.) Feathers: From feather extensions to feathered skirts, this trend never really caught my interest. I think I'll leave this 2011 trend with the birds!

2.) Animal Print: My mom loves animal print but again, just never caught my interest. I think it's because I associate the print with fur (even if it's just a print and not faux fur) which I then link to dead animals which makes me sad!

3.) High-high Heels: No broken ankles please! I think 2 inch heels are high enough, but if you can walk in them safely more power to you! I say embrace your natural height. I'm under 5' and still rocking the flats!

4.) Jumpsuits: Rompers yes, full length jumpsuits, no thank you! Maybe I just didn't like them because wearing one would require me to cut off a foot of fabric at the bottom for it not to drag... 

5.) Maxi Skirts: I loved the maxi dress trend this summer but for some reason just wasn't a big fan of the skirt. 

What are your top 5 hits and misses? Let me know so we can compare whether or not you agree or disagree with my picks! Hope you had a memorable 2011, and have a successful 2012! Have a fun and safe New Years!

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