Monday, December 31, 2012

Tip Top

I've had 365 days to try new products, experiment with new trends, and to explore all of the exciting gems that the fashion world has offered us this year! Of course it wasn't always easy. I've made my share of questionable fashion choices over the past twelve months and spent money on products that left more to be desired, but overall, I think that 2012 has been a pretty good year! Trudging past the duds, I've compiled my top ten picks of the year for fashion and beauty products that truly deserved to be recognized! What were your top picks of the year?

To all my readers, have a Happy New Year! I hope 2013 holds good times, good health, and good memories! I'll see you all again in the new year!

TRTD's Top Ten of 2012

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1.) Wedges: Being on the short side, I can appreciate a good wedge! The best of both worlds, wedges provide the height I desire, with the added stability of a wedge that heels don't. Sometimes it's frustrating to find wedges that actually fit my tiny feet, but I've found that Payless Shoe Source usually have the most comfortable wedges and heels, with the added bonus of great prices!

2.) Butter London Nail Lacquer: I love the sparkle that Butter London nail polishes provide! Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors, they also last, which is nice for the majority of us who don't want to reapply polish every other day.

3.) Shellac Rockstar Manicures: This pick has been my most recent! I love the major sparkle that this manicure delivers, and best of all is that the manicure stays chip proof for close to two whole weeks! Now this is my kind of manicure!

4.) Chain Strap Bags: There's just something about chain strap bags that exude sophistication to me. This is definitely a classic piece that I can see transending the ever changing trends of the fashion world.

5.) Tory Burch: I've been a fan of Tory Burch sandals for a while now, but I've explored her other adorable shoe options just this year. Her Reva flats are so cute and I love her simple and classic handbags that can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style the rest of your outfit!

6.) Clarisonic Skin Products: Another recent pick, I've had my eye on the Clarisonic brush for a while. This skin cleaning brush has been tempting me with all of their advertisements in my favorite fashion magazines. I was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing brush for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! 

7.) Embellished Sheer Tops: Not only are these tops pretty to look at, but they are so comfortable as well! I've been particularly fond of the ones with embellished collars! To compensate for the flowy-ness of the top, try pairing it with a pair of nice skinny jeans to keep the top from overwhelming your frame!

8.) Delicate Rings: Like I've mentioned in a past post, I like to find my rings off of Esty, which provide adjustable rings. I love the small details of delicate jewelry, and they are perfect for stacking!

9.) Black Jeans: What I love most about black jeans, is that they provide the look of leggings, but provide the coverage of jeans. Plus they keep me warmer than leggings in the winter!

10.) Ankle Zip Jeans: These jeans are great for dressing up! Plus they add a touch of sparkle. Make sure to wear your favorite pair of shoes with this trend, for the zipper acts like an arrow pointing straight to your pretty footwear!

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