Sunday, December 23, 2012

Race Against Time

I know this post probably won't be nearly as effective considering the holidays are just days away, but I figured there are always a handful of last minute shoppers who might appreciate a quick and easy gift guide to help them when fighting the crowds at the mall. Being terrified of large crowds, I made sure to get most of my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. I just know that if I were to head down to the shopping center days before Christmas, I probably wouldn't make it out alive in one piece. Those shoppers are something fierce! But if you can brave the jungle, I've complied a few last minute gifts that I'm sure will delight any fashionista on your holiday list! Best of all? They are all under $15. So whether you are shopping for a Secret Santa gift, a present for your cousin, or a stocking stuffer, you can feel good about giving a great gift at a great price! I wish you luck over these next few days as you navigate through the chaos of holiday shopping and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

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Top Picks

Cosmetics: If you are looking for some affordable cosmetics of great quality, make sure to check out gift sets from these brands. 

1.) e.l.f. Cosmetics: This brand has some great eyeshadow sets as well as nail polish sets. Keep an eye out for the limited edition nail polish cube that is only $10 for fourteen polishes. 

2.) Nicole by O.P.I.: The more affordable collection from O.P.I., these polishes come in sets of two complementary colors to please the polish fiend on your list. I know Target has a nice selection, and are currently featuring the Kardashian Kolor Sets for $10. 

3.) NYX Cosmetics: If you are searching for a great starter eyeshadow palette, NYX has some great options. Their $25.00 palette contains six large eyeshadow pots, sixty eight additional mini pots, four face powders, and eight applicator sponges.

Jewelry: Pretty jewelry is always a great gift to receive, and can be both affordable and personal at the same time. Another low cost gift for the accessory lover could be a ceramic jewelry dish. For the DIY diva, you can take an old peg board, attach some cute door knobs to it, and create your very own jewelry holder.

1.) Forever 21: Sometimes it can be overwhelming to sift through all the options piled together at this affordable chain, but if you are patient, there are a lot of cute pieces hidden amongst the chaos. Starting from as low as $1.50, you can afford to buy multiple pieces, rather than just one higher end piece. 

2.) Etsy: If you are looking for a more personalized piece for that special someone in your life, try out this creative online store! There is literally something for everyone here. I love purchasing rings from Etsy because they have adjustable rings that can compensate for my ridiculously small fingers! Take a look around! They have some pretty awesome things like this for example for the fangirl on your list :)! 

3.) Fuego: I haven't been in this store in a while, but from what I remember, they had a lot of really cute jewelry. They definitely had a lot of affordable pieces, but also some higher end pieces as well in glass cases that were a little more unique. So this might be a great place to stop in, whatever your price range might be.

Miscellaneous Accessories: From winter accessories to compacts, check out these places to find some fun and unique gifts!

1.) Modcloth: Many items here can be pricey, but there are a lot of unique items here that might be great gifts for closer family and friends. Definitely check out the sale items at this fun online boutique for some great deals! I'm a fan of their kitchen and home items. 

2.) Charlotte Russe: Much like Forever 21, this chain sells trendy pieces for great prices. Check out this store for some fun winter accessories such as scarfs and gloves to keep your loved ones warm! They also sell jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, and clothing items, so they'll have everything you need.

3.) Tilly's: This chain has a great selection of patterned tights and leggings at great prices! Great for the dress lover during the cold winter months, surprise a friend with this functional gift!

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