Saturday, February 25, 2012

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With spring just around the corner, several new trends are emerging, lining the shelves with pretty patterns and bright colors. Presented with so many different trends, sometimes it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming choosing which ones to incorporate into your outfits. To make things a little easier, I've selected a few of the more popular spring trends in hopes that they provide some inspiration for your next retail therapy session! Which spring trend is your favorite? Let me know!

Spring 2012 Trends

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Back by poplar demand, florals have made their way back onto the spring fashion list! Adorning dresses, skirts, and accessories, this pretty pattern continues to hold strong season after season. Want to add a fresh twist on this classic trend? Look for modern accessories or silhouettes to take your outfit from last season's florals to this season's florals.

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Want to incorporate this retro trend into your outfit without it looking over the top? Pick one polka-dotted piece and pair it with basic solids to keep your look simple yet fun! For an updated look, find polka-dotted pieces on fun colors such as red or pink! Looking for something more classic? Look for the trend on neutral colors like black and navy.

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Of all the spring trends this season, this one is probably my favorite! Matching the blooming flowers in the garden, these feminine shades can make any outfit girly. For a more subtle step into this trend, incorporate pastel colors onto your nails or find a fun accessory like a pastel belt to add just a touch of color to an outfit!

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Pastel colors not your thing? Try this bold trend instead! This bright orange shade has been seen all over the runway this season. Perfect for brightening up an outfit, you'll be sure to turn some heads this season with this eye-catching shade!

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